2019 Distinguished Graduate Award Medal Ceremony

Honoring Recipient and Women’s SIG member; CAPT Wendy B Lawrence, ’81
Friday, 22 March 2019
4:30 p.m.
Alumni Hall – USNA

ADM Charles Lawrence, ’58 and CAPT Wendy Lawrence, ’81

The classes of 1959, 1967, 1971, 1973 and 1981 and members of the USNA Women Shared Interest Group have reserved seating sections. If you did not already RSVP, seating is also available in the general seating sections of Alumni Hall.

CAPT Wendy Lawrence, USN (Ret), NASA Astronaut

Immediately following the DGA ceremony, members of the Women SIG and Sisterhood of Mother B will gather with CAPT Wendy B. Lawrence ’81, USN (Ret) near the stage in Alumni Hall to present her with a couple congratulatory gifts and take a few pictures. 

Following the DGA activities, All members of the Women SIG and Sisterhood of Mother B are invited to network at McGarvey’s starting immediately following the ceremony.  CAPT Lawrence will join the party following the formal DGA dinner.

CAPT Lawrence, USN (Ret) with Midshipman

Please send your pictures of the event to usnawomensig@gmail.com

Women SIG speakers wanted!

Good afternoon, ladies!! Since the Women’s SIG often receives requests for speakers at various events, we are building a database of public speakers for various events. If you would like to be a part of the database, please provide the following information to me at shannonamartin@earthlink.net and put SIG Speaker Info as the subject.

Your name
A Brief BIO
Area of availability and ability to travel
Types of engagements you would like to participate in
Topics you can cover
Any contractual affiliation with Speaker Talent Services
Contact information to determine your availability and interest.

This will be an ongoing effort.

Also, if you know people are looking for speakers for their events, please let us know!

Thank you!!

Female Grad Volunteers Requested

**To volunteer or if you have questions, please directly contact Holly I. Powers, Associate Director, Alumni Class Programs, United States Naval Academy Alumni Association (contact information below)**

We are having Battalion receptions through the month of January, and February and thought it would be a nice touch if there were a couple of female graduates in the area that would be willing to attend.  Battalion receptions are our way of welcoming the graduating class into their alumni community and orienting them to the services offered by their alumni association.  We also enjoy providing them a nice meal and an evening to socialize with members of their Another Link in the Chain class (in this instance, the Class of 1969).  With that in mind, it would be great if there were also a few female grads socializing in the mix.  Attendees are welcome to eat and drink (which is why we need to keep it to 2 max).  Would you mind reaching out to fellow female graduates to see if there are people in the area that would be interested in attending and/or coordinating?

The dates are as follows:

Wed 23 January
Mon 28 January
Wed 30 January
Mon 04 February
Wed 06 February
Mon 25 February
Mon 04 March as the weather make-up date.

Each will run from 1800-2030 at Alumni House (Ogle Hall) 247 King George Street.

If no one is available, we certainly understand.  No pressure, if it is possible, we thought it would be a nice touch for the female midshipmen in attendance.   And, if possible, please let me know who plans to attend one each date so we can try and get name tags made for them.  I know it might be a last minute decision for some, but we will try to provide where we can!

Thank you for considering!

Very Respectfully,

Holly I. Powers
Associate Director, Alumni Class Programs
United States Naval Academy Alumni Association
247 King George Street
Ogle Hall 2nd Floor
Annapolis, MD 21402
Direct Line (410)295-4017
Fax (410)295-4002

2019 Women SIG Election Results

Thank you to all who volunteered to run for officer positions and to those who voted in the 2019 Women SIG elections held January 2-9, 2019!

Your 2019-2020 Women SIG Officers are:

President:  Barbette Lowndes ’80

Vice President East of the Mississippi:  Shannon Martin ’98;

Vice President West of the Mississippi:  Stefanie Goebel ’80

Treasurer: Barbette Lowndes ’80

Secretary:  Susan Smith ‘99

Membership:  Holly Johnson ’82

Webmaster:  Beth Ann Vann ’98

Co-VP for Communications:  Wendy Coop ’01

Co-VP for Communications:  Kara Handley ’12

VP for Sisterhood Liaison:  Michele Phillips ’98


Sisterhood of Mother B Callout for Articles

Sisterhood of Mother B Callout for Articles

Women of the Naval Academy, the Sisterhood of Mother B will be launching their website soon!! Our site will include articles and podcasts for the Sisterhood and by the Sisterhood. To get things going, this is a callout for articles in one of the following categories

“Look, mom, a girl one!!” – articles sharing the experiences and perspectives of being pointed out as different and how it affected you. This could also be related to conversations that start with “I would havenever guessed you went to USNA.” “Oh, I thought you were a spouse.” And other similar comments.

What does WUBA mean to you? Women of the Naval Academy have very diverse views of this word, and we want to hear your perspective.

Tales from the Dark Side. Are you part of a dual military family? Share with us a story that highlights the challenges of being a woman in a dual military relationship.

There I was – share with us a feature-length story telling us something wonderful or terrible about your experiences at the Naval Academy, in the Fleet or beyond. How did being a USNA graduate prepare you (or not) for that moment and what have you taken away from the experience?

Submission criteria:
What is it like to be a woman from the Naval Academy?: 500-1000 words
WUBA: 500-1500 words
Tales from the Dark Side: 500-1500 words
Ladies Choice: 1500-2500 words

All submissions will be edited for grammar, spelling, and clarity – editors will work closely with authors to ensure pieces are publication ready. There are no monetary prizes for publication.

Please send all submissions to sisterhoodofmotherb.editor@gmail.com.

Thank you!!
Shannon Martin
Chief Editor
The Sisterhood of Mother B