1. When you move, you are allowed a certain weight limit based upon your rank.  The higher your rank, the more weight you will be allowed for each shipment.
  2. For your moves, you will always get a shipment from at least two locations—your last duty station (in this case, USNA), and from your home of record (from your parent’s home for instance), and then perhaps a storage location.  You need to set up these shipments through the Personal Property Office, usually at Personnel Support Detachment (PSD).  These moves do not have to occur at the same time.  This means that your parents can send furniture, household items, and other goods you may need/want.
  3. Do not entrust valuables such as coin collections, jewelry, or silver to the movers.  Keep your important papers and valuables with you, or store them with someone you can trust until you can get them and transport them yourself.
  4. If you do need to send high valuable items such as electronics or weapons with the movers, ensure you record all serial numbers, model numbers, etc., and keep the list with you.
  5. Going to Hawaii, arriving servicemembers should be able to receive TLA (Temporary Living Allowance) to stay temporarily in a hotel while they are looking for a place to live.
  6. In Hawaii, you are also entitled to “Aloha Furniture”—Navy furniture (beds, dressers, couch, chairs, lamps, end tables) and “Aloha Kitchen”—toaster, microwave oven, kitchen tools, plates, bowls, cups, etc., until your household goods shipment arrives.  In other duty stations, the Fleet and Family Support Service Center can loan dishes, utensils, and perhaps, furniture.
  7. When you transfer, save all your travel receipts and all moving expenses to include:  receipts for meals, lodging, gas/mileage and costs incurred until you find a place to live at your new duty station.
  8. Check your household goods when they arrive.  If any are damaged or lost by the moving company, you need to file a claim against them for compensation with the Personal Property Office.
  9. Hold off on buying large furniture, especially in Japan.
  10. If it doesn’t fit in your car, or two people can’t lift it, maybe reconsider getting it.
  11. House hunting TAD may not always be granted at the new command based upon schedule and needs of the command.  Communicate your plans ahead of time to the new CO and your assigned sponsor to ask if you will be allowed house hunting leave once you arrive.  Otherwise, use your house hunting TAD either prior to checking in to the new command or before you leave your departing command.