1. Create a “landing station” in your apartment—a place to put keys, purse, wallet, sunglasses, mail to be sorted, basket/outbox for action items.
  2. Make an envelope, folder, or drawer for all tax documents that come in over the year, as well as receipts for donations. 
  3. Have a folder for car titles, social security cards, marriage/divorce decrees, birth certificates, 529 plan documents, life insurance documents, DD214 forms, car titles, etc.  Put them in a safe if you have one.
  4. Keep your list of accounts, account numbers, passwords, a copy of your driver’s license, etc., in a secure place, but not on your computer.  If your wallet is ever stolen, you will need this information to cancel credit cards, and put a watch on your accounts.
  5. Don’t stripe all your SDBs with your O-1 rank.  You probably won’t use it enough until they need to be re-stiped.